Wednesday, April 16, 2008

These are the pictures in the hospital, Adrian's first days of life. He was born at 2 in the afternoon, but he was rushed to the special care unit because he wasn't breathing. He was under lots of stress: I had been pushing for 2 hours, he was posterior, and the cord was wrapped around his neck really tight. We did not get any information on how he was doing or what was happening until 4 hours later, and I didn't get to hold him until 10:00 that night. He had an ivy and two other cords taped to him to measure his heart rate and oxygen levels. He was kept for 3 days in the special care unit, but was released as a perfect baby!!! Yeah!!!
Adrian Tanner Garrido
March 14, 2008
8 pounds 1 ounce
19 inches

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Michelle G. said...

Wow Jess you are so brave for posting pictures of you in the hospital and the days after that. The pictures of me in those days look like I got run over by a train. I'm hideous. You look cute no matter what though! I love the new pictures! Thanks for posting them!