Monday, June 16, 2008

Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary, but today Angel had a job interview in Idaho Falls. So to save gas, we went out today for dinner. We've made it 2 years!!! They've been 2 hard years, but we made it :) Yeah!!!

I would just like to announce that I have finally caught up with all the pictures!!! Yeah!!! So now I will be better at writing things as well and keep everyone updated on what's going on in our life. I just really wanted to get all the last 3 months worth of pictures up!!! So I guess a quick update...we are all doing great. Adrian is just growing and developing like crazy. He even sits and looks at books. I'll lay on the bed with him and we'll just read books for like half an hour. He just concentrates on the pictures. It's soo cute!! And he makes little noises...he loves to talk and have attention, which I love to give to him!!

Angel is working and doing a good job. Too good actually! He does PSR(Psycho-Social-Rehabilitation.) He works with kids that have different developmental and social problems. He works with them at home and in the community, intense counseling. Angel does really good, so if his kids get better, they don't qualify for services anymore and Angel looses hours. So he lost about 10 hours last week. But is diligently looking for more work. He's had a few interviews and a job offer to do personal training. So we'll see what he ends up doing.

And as for me...well...I love being a mom!!! I didn't think I would like it as much as I do!!! Every moment is wonderful with Adrian. Maybe because he is such a great baby. Sometimes he gets fussy, but for the most part he just smiles, plays, eats, sleeps and of course poops :) I've started a new "life style change" some people would call it a diet and workout plan. My mom gave me "Boy for Life for Women" for my birthday, and I started the program last week. I'm really excited and hope to just get in great shape and of course loose a few pounds. 3 months later I've still got some baby fat on me.

Oh, and Angel and I did graduate actually a month after Adrian was born. We forgot our camera, but as soon as I get pictures from my parents I'll get them posted as well.
3 Months Old!!!
(Or should I say '3 months young')

"Naked Diaper Time" (June 9th)

So here's the little guy in the flesh so you can all see
his true self, how big/little he really is.
I love his round tummy and chunky legs!!!

So maybe I'm going a little crazy with all the Tummy Time pictures, but he just looks so cute when he has tummy time :) And he's getting lots stronger. Once he tried pushing up on his hands, didn't last long though. Maybe his own strength scared him :) haha

Sooo Cute!!!

Last week, which was June 9th, Adrian really started to look at things. He also discovered his hands, which is really fun to watch. I would lay him below this jungle gym and he would watch the little toys and look at the colors. Then, one day I came home, Angel had him propped up on this little wedge thing with a pillow under neath so he wouldn't slide. This way he can actually reach the toys. So this is his new favorite thing to do. He sat for 2 hours one day just mesmerized. I would pick him up every 20 minutes, but he would fuss, so I put him back down and he just kept looking and touching. I know there's lots of him in this spot, but I thought they were all so cute I didn't know which ones to leave out. I also got a video of it, so as soon as I figure out how to download those I'll get some videos up as well.

"Handsome Little Devil"
There's a funny story that goes along with these pictures. Adrian woke up at like 6:00am and then I went to the gym. BUT, I did not change his diaper and it was the same one he had been in all night. (I didn't want to wake him up, make it easier for Angel to watch him right.) But when I got home Adrian was laying in bed with Angel in just a diaper and this little jacket. I was really confused because I left him in his pyjamas. Angel said he wet the bed :) haha So he changed him and just wanted to lay in the diaper, but he got cold. I checked the bed and it was soaking wet!!! So Adrian wet the bed for the first time when he was only a few months old. :) He also started to smile at us...and for the camera!!!

More Tummy Time!!! Yeah!!!

So I love pictures when Adrian is sleeping. He always ends up in the cutest positions with the cutest faces.

Don't you love the little bummy poking up :)