Monday, June 16, 2008

Last week, which was June 9th, Adrian really started to look at things. He also discovered his hands, which is really fun to watch. I would lay him below this jungle gym and he would watch the little toys and look at the colors. Then, one day I came home, Angel had him propped up on this little wedge thing with a pillow under neath so he wouldn't slide. This way he can actually reach the toys. So this is his new favorite thing to do. He sat for 2 hours one day just mesmerized. I would pick him up every 20 minutes, but he would fuss, so I put him back down and he just kept looking and touching. I know there's lots of him in this spot, but I thought they were all so cute I didn't know which ones to leave out. I also got a video of it, so as soon as I figure out how to download those I'll get some videos up as well.

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Henderson Family said...

Such a cutie!!! It sounds like you are enjoying life as a mother Jessica, and doing a great job at it too. Good luck with everything. Way to go Adrian!!!