Friday, September 19, 2008

Hi everyone!!! So it's been 3 months since I have last posted!!! Want to hear my excuses :) haha Well...our lap top stopped charging so I went and took it in and they said it would cost around $400 to fix it; so we might as well get a new one - and we just haven't had the money yet for that. And second excuse we went to Utah for Angel's family reunion for a few weeks...then we moved to Idaho Falls, just 25 minutes away from Rexburg. So we've been a little busy. But, we are going to invest in a new computer and I will try to get to a library or somewhere to use a computer. Next Friday though we are going to Oregon, to visit my family, and so I can use the computer there too. I have sooo many cute pictures of little Adrian.

Quick update on Adrian: He started crawling at 5 months. He now pulls him self up on all the furniture, walls, stroller...anything he can. I've decided he's going to be a picky eater...but I'll stop that. But if anyone has any advice let me know. He just makes funny faces and gags when he eats anything with flavor. I keep trying to give it to him, but we have a very long eating time. He loves rice cereal and bananas though. Oh, and grape juice, but not apple or pear. Hmmm...well. I'll update again soon and check out everyone elses blogs too. Isn't blogging great, we can all keep in touch and get and give advice on things!!! WEll, hope to blog again soon. Love you all!!!


mindyk said...

Wish I could give you some stellar advice on the picky eating, but everyone--including Kev--is a picky eater.

Hope you're feeling all moved in and doing well.

Michelle G. said...

Hi Jess! I was so happy to see a new post! You have been really busy. But I talked to Angel the other day and he said you're gonna be rich hehe :P We can't wait to see more pictures of your little man! I bet he's huge now.

As far as picky eating goes, it's all about try, try, again. The experts say you can't give up until you try 15 times! And who keeps a roster ha? So, just be relentless haha is my advice. Emma wouldn't drink milk from 9 mos. to 18 mos! Sometimes I think their little bodies are smarter than we think. Except for when it comes to sugar. They can get tricked that way :) Good luck!

Henderson Family said...

Wow!!! I thought it would be your 3 yr. anniversary before you were going to blog again:) It's good to hear from you. I'm excited to see the pictures. The only advice about the eating thing is don't stress, all kids have to get used to new tastes. Just keep offering him new things and don't cater only to what he wants to eat, otherwise you'll eventually discover that the only thing they want and are willing to eat is candy, fruit snacks or crackers. Keep these to a minimum and try and mash up things that you are eating as well. Good luck!

*The Garridos* said...

Thanks for the advice!!! So, I am in Oregon now, but I forgot our camera to put pictures good. But I do have Adrian's professional pics we took, so I'll get those posted before I leave here, (But those pictures are still a few months old.)

Henderson Family said...

Okay, so that last comment I made was probably not the right one to make. So sorry, love ya.